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Assurance Payday Loan: How it Works

Pay day loans have become very popular these days. It is generally because it is easily available online. There are several kinds of pay day loans are available for the peoples looking for the quick approval of loan amount. Assurance Pay day loans are one of the best option to grab the loan amount with no paper work required and getting the amount within next business days. When you need some amount to repay your telephone bills, fulfill medical needs, buy any gadget on offers and others, the first things comes to your mind about Assurance pay day loans that how it works.

You can apply for the pay day loans easily by filling the online application forms with full details about your employment status and the details about your bank account. In such kinds of loan the amount provided to you varies between $100-$500. This loan are little bit expensive in terms of Interest rate as compared to other general loans. Sometimes rates also go as high as 50 percent or more. To get approval for the loan amount it is necessary that you must qualify the eligibility criteria required as mentioned below:

  • Must be 18 years old or more
  • Should have a valid bank account
  • Employed from last 3 months with minimum monthly income of $1000

Assurance Pay day Loan: How it works

  • After the cash advance is approved, you will be able to pick out the amount from your checking account. You don't have to stand in any long

    queues the amount will be in your account with the next working days.
  • On the due date the cash amount will be automatically withdraws from your account
  • If you not like that lenders will withdraw the amount then you have to option to extend the time until next pay day with an additional fee. To do

    this you just have to call us or email, your arrangements will be easily done without any hassle.

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